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Suzuki Thunder 250, Flat Track ala Street Fighter

Suzuki Thunder 250's Lutfi Amin Nur alias Upi have much appeal. In addition to simple and ridiable for daily use, the aesthetics have much influence designs okay. Design in general, adopt a sporty flat a modern track.
Unsur street fighter dan chopper ol skool juga ada. To combine them without destroying the aesthetic comfort and easy baseball but he succeeded.

like this Chooper

From the front. Rake and the original single down tube chassis can not be contested, still apply the original. Customized step foreword, she chose a short riser and handlebars conventional bullhorned simple and sweet.

Options form is spelled right handlebar. Comfortable riding position and a shape, make this bike a classic shades. "Plus handgrip typical old school bikes, iron horse is so retro," said the owner who chose the original front tomorrow Thunder 250 remains a highly qualified, big moge typical middle-class.
From the middle to the back, the owner may taste thumbs up. Flat track tank with a slim dicustom coakan on the back such as motor sport generally.

suzuki thunder 250

Dimensions and shape are also carefully regulated. Scale tank should not 'eat' a machine that is highlighted. This is at once so its own record. Usually too busy builder profile accentuate the tank. If it is too large, the engine looks so small and less unsightly. Continue to back, the forces playing street fighter. Tail superpendek not exceed half the rear tires make the bike look solid. Single seat seaternya thick shades of flat track like a sporty XR HD design and legendary. The more ritually pure, swing arm used Yamaha's XJR400. Boxes and modern character.

In the matter of color, color choices seem glamorous Upi. Although baseball striking, aroma posernya motorcycle looks. Airbrush Artists & RSH nicknamed A2R choose blue as domination. Sipnya plain baseball, there are subtle gradations of shades menimbuklkan fancy effects including freehand hubcap strip on the left and right. A unique, it's a black light bulb follow a chassis. Now, if the matter is, of course, determine individual tastes!

Front tire: 120/70-17 Battlax
Rear tire: 190/50-17 Hypersport
Rear brake: Yamaha XJR 400
Sok front: Acc Custom Power
Carburetor: Mikuni PE-28
Chain: 520
Engine: Bore up 300


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