Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Kawasaki Binter Merzy Chicken Noodle Bowl

If it was Tom Saksono admit, creative ideas come from a bowl of chicken noodle, he must have had a crazy imagination and superkreatif. Try to imagine before seeing his bike and he told me that it came from a bowl as a concept, imagine palingan ordinary motorcycle chopper wrote.

Well, fitting sampeyan(you:java language) see his picture, guaranteed amazed. How could you, Junot owned motorcycles Wijaya, Indonesia and the manager of PT Juton Ardyana wife's turned out perfect! "Thank's so positive MOTOR Plus appreciate my work," go to Tom who has a character tends to quiet it. Welkom Yo're bro! Starting from 1980 Merzy Binter machine. Tom baseball tenggung custom bike. Workshop actually nicknamed Psycocustom Pyscho in a positive sense. For starters, he designed the clean hardtail chassis skandinavian style approach, its the same thing Honda Tiger aka Ducati Monster

Back bone slightly upward but not too extreme, double down tube that mepet to the front of the machine, do not rake tick, short rider and H-style bar ends semi dragbar for steering.

Still ahead, T top-down is made rather wide reinforced Byson Yamaha's front tomorrow. Back, centerbone made ​​close to the concept of the rear tire near the bottom ridernya. Choperis typical riding position ol skool still thinking about the comfort of riding with a saddle seat style single seater plus two quasi-woven leather goods brand chopperschock variety of gold plated. How to design the chassis of visible detail. Made in different diameters similar to that created quasi manufacturer. As the hallmark of Tom, detail and luxury of selling the house so this modification. The most obvious way to think of sissy bar bracket for holding the fender.

Carburetor: Honda Tiger
Bel Front tire: 19 inches
Rear tires: 16 inches


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